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The Individuate Church

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Welcome to the Individuate Church,  featuring a front page system of initiation grounded in Jungian concepts, Timothy Leary's 8 Circuit Model consciousness expansion, and a study of Thelemic / Golden Dawn style ritualization. Seeking to defuse taking superstitious aspects of religion too seriously, a branch of Discordianism.

The Individuate Church is a school of thought that all began as an ostrich cult founded after a visit to King's Dominion.

The role playing section includes a fictional version of the Individuates.

What Is An Individuate?

I would prefer if every Individuate had at least a passing interest in the Jungian individuation process.


An Individuate can be someone inspired to take up the name by the Individuate Bible.


An Individuate is anyone whom takes on the name with an interest in consciousness expansion as grounded in the study of psychology and psychiatry.


Original Short Stories, Poetry, Music, Sketches

Short Stories

Poetry Section

"Beating on a window" from this collection to be featured in Pond 75 of Spank the Carp .



Anarchist FreeForm Role Playing

Freeform role playing amounts to interactive writing. Character sheets are commonly based upon popular games such as Advanced Dungeons and Dragons and White Wolf's World of Darkness. They don't have to be.

Role played characters may beat one another up in the tradition of Street Fighter or Mortal Combat, live life at your pace as normal people in a city environment, demonstrate experimental writing styles after the freewrite poets. 

This game is intended for Mature players, 18+.

Chrystal City

exists as an interactive environment in free form role playing designed to socially model anarchist permutation, plausible to impossibly absurd.

Free Form Role Playing Setting Material

The hells r Bogus, and represent things to be transcended.

Character Classes



If you are curious if you can use the material on this website, all the original material by me on the actual website is available for use by anyone so long as it remains unedited, I get the credit, and there is a link somewheres back to this website.

If you are interested in astral networking with me and would like to try to contact me from the astral plane, don't come `round here. I have my own elitist clique and for now don't network outside of it.


Other Individuates are not as closed off.

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